We believe in one living God who is revealed in Jesus Christ, and moves through all creation as the Holy Spirit. We affirm the Trinity—God who is a community of three persons. All things that exist owe their being to God This God alone is worthy of our worship.

Jesus Christ


We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, the Word made flesh, the Savior of the world, fully human and fully divine. Through Jesus’ life and ministry, death and resurrection, God reconciles the world and breaks down the walls that divide. Christ is our peace.


The Holy Spirit


We believe in the Holy Spirit, giver of life, holy wisdom, true God. The Spirit moves through and sustains creation; endows the people for missions; frees the world from sin, injustice, and death; and transforms disciples.



As an expression of divine love, God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them.  God views creation as a whole without separation of spirit and element. God encourages people of every generation to join with God as stewards in the loving care of creation.


God took on the limits of human flesh and culture, and is known through them. We therefore affirm without exception the worth of every human being. We also affirm that God has blessed humankind with the gift of agency: the ability to choose whom or what we will serve.


God created us to be agents of love and goodness. Sin is the universal condition of separation and alienation from God and one another. We are in need of divine grace that alone reconciles us with God and one another. From the sacrifice of Jesus, we may all be saved from our sins.


God's word is the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ: forgiveness of sin, and healing from separation, brokenness, and the power of violence and death We experience salvation through Jesus Christ, but affirm that God’s grace has no bounds.


We affirm the Living God is ever self-revealing. God is revealed to the world in the testimony of Israel, and above all in Jesus Christ. By the Holy Spirit we continue to hear God speaking today. The church is called to listen together for what the Spirit is saying and then faithfully respond.



Scripture is writing inspired by God’s Spirit and accepted by the church as the normative expression of its identity, message, and mission. We affirm the Bible as the foundational scripture for the church and that no man has the authority to replace the witness of the Bible or improve on it.



Sacraments are special ministries given to the church to convey the grace of Jesus Christ to his followers. Sacraments are baptism, confirmation, the Lord’s Supper, marriage, blessing of children, laying on of hands for the sick, ordination to the priesthood, and the evangelist blessing.


Being a Christian is more than holding a list of right ideas; it is about radical obedience to Jesus in every part of life. God’s boundless love sets us free for lives of responsible stewardship in which we generously offer our lives in service to God’s reign. Discipleship is both an inward and outward journey.


Jesus calls every disciple to share in ministry for the world. Some disciples are called by God and ordained to priesthood to serve the church in specialized ways. The Holy Spirit gives complementary gifts and abilities to all disciples to equip the body of Christ for its witness in the world.


We believe that God is a God of life, not of death. By faith we share in eternal life even now. In Christ, God’s love finally will overcome all that demeans and degrades the creation, even death itself. We believe the Holy Spirit will transform all creation to share in the glory of God.


The living God whom we serve is a God of justice and mercy. It matters supremely to God how we treat each other; whether or not, poor, a stranger, sick, imprisoned, or rejected. We affirm in scripture’s light that Jesus Christ is advocate and judge of the living and the dead.


We press forward together in service to God, knowing that our labor is not in vain. The future of the creation belongs to the Prince of Peace, not to those who oppress, dominate, or destroy. As we anticipate that future, we devote ourselves to seek Christ’s peace and pursue it. 


Jesus Survives Ministries doesn’t get involved in the community just for the sake of getting involved. That would be pointless. Ministries should not get involved in the community merely to provide something for church members to do, or to give volunteers a way to feel better about themselves. Christians get involved in the community to better represent Jesus, and to make His name known to everyone we can possibly reach.

Jesus Survives Ministries keeps the gospel at the center of everything we do. Yes, it is a lot of work to organize and oversee Christian outreach to the communities and the needy we serve, yet the reward in glorifying God’s name to those who need him the most, is what we truly believe in.

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When you volunteer your time and energy to God, you get emotionally and spiritually recharged. It gives more meaning to your life as a servant of Christ. If you would like to become a volunteer at JSM please call or text JSM today at (979)571-5312.

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