Trump – A Great Leader?

Trump Heights Israel

Was Donald Trump a great leader?  Arguably, many Americans prior to the 2020 Presidential Election were feeling pretty good about the economy and prospects for the future under the leadership of Donald J. Trump.During Trump’s leadership, unemployment in 2019, a major concern of many American’s, was reported to be at an all-time low percentage of 3.9%.

In 2018, Forbes Magazine reported  that consumer confidence is never been better.


However, during Trumps’ presidency,  even the staunches Trump supporters were feeling a dark gloom lurking in the shadows of our leaders great successes.  Never in the history of American, has so much evil come to light as what the world has witnessed over the past 6 years

Unprecedented Evil and Disasters

For instance, in 2016, the news went viral online: over 1,500 human traffickers and pedophiles were arrested from January 2016 – 2017, in the most massive crackdown in American history. Many prominent politicians and businessmen were arrested for pedophilia and trafficking of children for sexual slavery.

Trump on February 27, 2019 met with Kim Jong-un, one of the most evil dictators in the world, and although their meeting resulted in promises made for a possible peace between our two nations, Kim Jong-un’s mission continues to focus on destroying the United States with weapons of mass destruction.

And what about the evil desires of Hassan Rouhani, a radical religious fundamentalist and dictator of Iran?  Despite Trump’s recent warning of doom in all capital letters, Iran’s insane cleric Rouhani, is in possession of some of the most technologically advanced weapons of mass destruction our American dollars could buy for him and continues to threaten the USA with their use.

However, evil is not a new concept-it has been around since Satan first tempted Eve.  The types of evil and its frequency we are seeing today are at epic levels. Natural disasters, often referred to as acts of God, such as the series of earth quakes Japan has suffered in recent years, are occurring with such frequency, that most American’s have become numb to the reporting of their death tolls.   Yet, should we feel an impending doom lurking in the shadows?

The 14 Plagues

The book of Revelation reveals that God is now inflicting the world with a series of 14 plagues. These events are now occurring in random order.  However despite the false teachings of many religious organizations, these plagues are not the result of freak disasters caused by nature. 

The seven first plagues are called “seven trumpets” in Revelation because they serve the purpose of warning or awakening the people of Earth to the glorious arrival of Jesus Christ.

The seven last plagues are called seven bowls because they represent seven full cups of God’s vengeance that he is now pouring out upon his enemies through his emissaries.

Although the Bible completely explains these events, they will come as an overwhelming surprise for most people. Our Creator has carefully designed these coming events to achieve His goals, and He will carefully execute these judgments so that He can redeem the maximum number of people.

The Great Tribulation

The great tribulation began with a global earthquake centered in Santiago Chile that effectively disrupted the activities of the whole world. (Revelation 8:5) God has a few things to say to the human race, and he intends to arrest the attention of the world with a his fourth massive earthquake, most likely in the Pacific Northwest Cascadia Subduction Zone, that will literally stop everything and everyone in their tracks. This will be the fourth earthquake of the great tribulation, three already in the books.

The sudden cessation of life as we know it will cause many people to stop and wonder what is going on, but please do not fear these events as they must happen prior to the return of our savior Jesus Christ.

A Great Leader

The book of Daniel (Daniel 7:8) foretold the world about a great leader, with hair like fine gold who in the last seven years of our existence on this earth, would recognize and stand up for Israel 

The bible also foretold that he would be persecuted like our Savior Jesus Christ was and would do many great things.  

During Donald J. Trump’s presidency, Trump made massive strides to recognize and stand up for Israel.  As a tribute to Trump, in Golan Heights, some forty miles southwest of Damascus, a massive, gold-lettered sign that says ‘Trump Heights’, can be seen by all when entering the Israeli township named to commemorate Donald Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty of the area.

Arguably, no President in the history of the United States was ever persecuted to the extent that Trump was persecuted during the term of his four year presidency.  Two impeachments, numerous unwarranted criminal investigations and a onslaught of malicious allegations against Trump’s family and friends, plagued Trump throughout his presidency.

Was Trump, the ‘great leader’ foretold about in the seventh chapter of the Book of Daniel?  Only time will tell.