Organizational Structure of Jesus Survives Ministries

Pastor Deborah Jean Lucas of Jesus Survives Ministries

William Lucas

Deborah Lucas


Senior Pastor

Associate Pastor Events

Associate Pastor Ministry Operations

William Lucas, as Senior Pastor, provides spiritual food to the ministries online community (our congregation) & people in Texas. Spiritual food is provided in sermons, consultation and published articles found on this website. Pastor Lucas is also responsible for providing both wedding and funeral pastoral services.  Pastor Lucas additionally provides grief counseling. Pastor Lucas reports to God and our congregation.

Deborah Lucas, as Associate Pastor Events, provides secretary type services to the ministry. Deborah works with the public, vendors and third party contractors, to arrange travel, venues, fulfillment items, such as wedding cakes, flowers, etc. and event planning oversight for weddings, funerals and public ministry events. Deborah works very closely with the public and online community.  Deborah reports to God.

Brian Corpian, as Associate Pastor Ministry Operations, provides support & oversight for volunteer accounting, web services, payables & receivables and outreach personnel for the ministry.  Brian oversees volunteers responsible for the finances of the ministry to assure that all funds are accounted & reported as required. Brian works with financial entities to support the ministries financial health. Brian reports to God.

In a nutshell, Jesus Survives Ministries main mission is to serve God. To accomplish our main mission, our Senior Pastor provides spiritual and pastoral services to our online congregation and community. 

Our Associate Pastors provide the internal and external work that is required for the ministry to function.  Volunteers support and work with our Associate Pastors to provide the services that help the ministry accomplish our primary mission. However, JSM is an atypical organization, as no one person is in our ministry is more important than and or accountable to anyone other than God. Please consider today how you can volunteer with JSM to serve God and your community.


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Service to God is Rewarding

When you volunteer your time and energy to God, you get emotionally and spiritually recharged. It gives more meaning to your life as a servant of Christ. If you would like to become a volunteer at JSM please call or text JSM today at (979)571-5312.

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