Mission Statement




  • Preach and teach the Word of God.
  • To be an instrument of evangelism and benevolence to people everywhere and or anywhere God sends us.
  • To establish the church, which is the House of God, where people and families can be discipled in God’s Word, finding their call and destiny.
  • To stand for justice and morality according to the Word of God.
  • To have a world vision: doing our part to obey the Great Commission (taking the Gospel around the world).
  • Strive to break down walls of religion and prejudice, in order to promote peace and unity as all of us regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or economic status, grow together in Christ.
  • To recognize that every person and family has a vision to be healthy, blessed financially, and at peace. That the members of Jesus Survives Ministries realize and fulfill their personal vision, thus completing the vision of the church.
  • That are lifestyles manifest the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through proclamation and demonstration. That His glory will be seen in us and through us.
  • To put forth every effort to expand the Kingdom of God, grow the local church, and become a powerful entity influencing and blessing  everyone we may reach through our internet activities.