God’s Path Vs Satans Path


Gods Path Not Mine

In my research to answer my friends question, “why do I feel great leaving church, resolved to do all the right things and before the middle of the week, I end up doing many of same things that send me to church again on Sunday,’ I turned to the best authority on researching a theological question, the bible.

I am also determined that my friends question also touched on psychology, which led me to research literature written by respected Christian psychologists.

The Bible 

My research from extensive reading of the bible, led me to the conclusion that the bible, although quite lengthy, in summary explains that Satan corrupted the minds of two perfect people, who all of us can trace our ancestry back to.  The fact is, no matter what race you are and or where you are from, we are all brothers and sisters, with a common ancestry that started with Adam and Eve.

Satan’s corruption of Adam’s and Eve’s thoughts, resulted in both of them rebelling against God plan, with the objective that Adam and Eve, and all future generations of their marriage, would live forever in paradise, without ever getting sick, worrying about anything and having a great life.

God became very angry with Satan which started a war that is still going on today.  Go’s objective that his children should live forever, healthy, happy and free of the bad thoughts that lead to all kinds of bad things. 

Alternatively, Satan opposed Gods plan proclaiming that God’s creations should be able to live however they chose to. Free to think whatever they chose to, regardless of the consequences.

The Battlefield 

The battlefield of the war between God (good) and Satan (evil) is our minds. The objective of the war, was the winning of our thoughts that lead to how we act and feel about ourselves, others and God.

From the onset of the war we were all doomed to live and die, with no hopes of an afterlife.  For those who obeyed God, they were rewarded with wealth and the comforts people living in those times that could be obtained.

Alternatively, those who opposed God were punished according to the severity of their rebellion.  In summary, people who chose to think good thoughts that lead to good behavior, were rewarded.  Those who chose to think bad thoughts leading to bad behavior, were punished accordingly.

Prior to Jesus’ appearance on the earth, God had found favor with a man named Abraham who both loved and obeyed God.  As reward, God made an agreement (covenant) with Abraham that his offspring would be given all of the best things that could be obtained on earth and a promise that if they remained faithful to God until death, that they would be resurrected upon judgement day, to spend all of eternity in Heaven.

Unfortunately, at that time if you were not one of God’s chosen people, no matter what you thought and or how you acted, there was no provision for you other than to live and die.

A New Agreement

God, who truly loves all of his children, corrected the problem by sending his son to the earth to spread God’s word of new agreement and to amend his agreement with his chosen people.

Jesus’ message was pretty simple to understand, but it was addressed to his chosen people.  Jesus proclaimed that God understands that his chosen people were born in to thinking bad things that lead to doing bad things.

Jesus further proclaimed, God does not wish for you to live and die on this earth, unhappy and with no hopes of redemption.  Jesus further spoke out to God’s chosen people, telling everyone that was truly remorseful for things they may have done in their lives, to confess their sins to God and accept his grace.

God’s purpose for Jesus’ to appear on the earth and spread his good news to his chosen people, was not limited to just God’s chosen people.  However, it was not until after Jesus’ death that God’s message to the rest of his Children was revealed by Jesus’ apostles (basically good fiends) and  a man named Paul who later became a very good servant of God to pass his message on to all of God’s further generations of children.

God’s message to the rest of his Children that Jesus passed on to his apostles, has been the subject of numerous interpretations of many versions of the bible and numerous Christian organizations for over 2000 years now.

God’s message to those who were not considered his chosen people, added a promise to his message to the chosen people, proclaiming that redemption and a path to heaven can be obtained by believing (thinking) that Jesus died on the cross as  a restitution for everyone’s sins.

In sum, if you confess your sins to God, are truly remorseful for the bad things you may have done in your life and truly believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins, when you die you will be resurrected and spend all of eternity in heaven.

Although I have listened to many pastors and/or ministers proclaim that basically, if you confess your sins to God, are sorry for them and believe that Jesus paid the penalty for your conduct, you have a place reserved in heaven for you after you die, I have never fully believed the majority of Christian’s interpretation of what God meant by it.

Using that logic, I could be pulled over for speeding, be given a ticket and contest the ticket in Court and not be punished by simply telling the judge, God is the supreme judge of us all. He says that all I have to do is admit guilt, claim the devil made me do it, and because I believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay my future penalties for bad acts, you have already been paid-case closed.

Alternatively, if people went to Heaven simply because they believed that Jesus paid the penalty for their  transgressions, Heaven would most likely not be a paradise to live in.

My Debt is Paid

It is also contrary to events written about in the bible where God rewarded people for their good conduct and punished people accordingly for their bad conduct.  Jesus dying on the cross could possibly be done to give everyone to green light to do all kinds of evil things than at some point before they did, confess their sins and proclaim they believe that Jesus having died on the cross, paid off their debt to God and reserved a place for them in Heaven.

My conclusion of what God meant, which led me to become a Christian pastor and to provide an answer to my friends question, “why do I feel great leaving church, resolved to do all the right things and before the middle of the week, yet I end up doing many of same things that send me to church again on Sunday,” is based on what both God’s and Satan’ objectives are for the winning of the war between God and Satan, we are all part of today.

The war started with Satan opposing God’s plan that all of his Children should live forever in paradise, health and without having to think about the problems we live with today.  Satan in opposition to God, hopes that he can influence more people to choose to live however they choose to, doing whatever they please, and accept that when they die they will return to dust.

Although, regardless of the debate over is Hell dying with no afterlife or is it a place where bad people go to spend eternity suffering, is a whole other topic of discussion.  Howeve, in answer my friends question, it is irrelevant.

As discussed in my article “Gods War with Satan for your Mind, the battlefield of God’s war with Satan is all of our minds. The spoils of whomever wins the war, for lack of better words, is all of our minds.

The fact, who you are, what makes you who you are, is based on how you think.  Your thoughts, leading to what you believe, often leads to decisions that lead to how you act, good or bad. 

Adam and Eve

As discussed in the above article, God created a paradise for his Children to live on.  He first gave Adam the figurative key’s to his paradise and later created Eve to live with Adam.  God made both Adam, Eve and their decedents perfect so that they could live forever, healthy and free of any worries.

Satan, apparently jealous of God’s plans for his new creation and Children, made statements to Eve, which led her to thoughts that further led her to make a bad decision to disobey the one command God gave both Adam and Eve.

Adam, who was most likely informed by Eve and what Satan had told her, considered the same thoughts which led him to make a decision to join Eve in disobeying God.

Their bad decision led to everyone who has been born and lived to date, destined to live and die. 

As a result of God’s infinite wisdom, love and mercy for all of his Children, God sent his son Jesus to this earth to tell everyone that there is no need to just live and die.  That even though we are all sinners, God does not wish for any of us to die with no hope of a pleasant afterlife.

Jesus’ parting message to the world should not be a matter of interpretation.  The foundation of his message from God has not changed from what God originally told Adam and Eve.

In simple language, God wants us all to know he loves us and he asks that we love him in return.  In contrast to Satan’s opinion, God wants us to obey his commands accepting that as our creator, he knows what is best for us. 

God sent his son as a message to everyone that as our father, he understands that we are not perfect anymore and if we come to him truly sorry for any bad acts we me may have committed, and through prayer confess our sins, God will forgive us. 

Going forward, God requires that we focus on the fact that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins.  In gratitude for Jesus’ sacrifice, God expects us going forward to keep our thoughts focused on sharing the good news with others that God is willing to forgive us and that through Jesus’s sacrifice, those who chose to focus their minds on God’s will for them instead of our own wills, will be both forgiven and upon death, resurrected on judgement day, to live forever in heaven fulfilling God’s original plan for us all.

Staying on The Right Path

In answering my friends question, why do I feel great leaving church, resolved to do all the right things and before the middle of the week, yet I end up doing many of same things that send me to church again on Sunday,” I considered what was the greatest obstacle for me in becoming a Christian and how did I overcome the obstacle?

For me, the greatest obstacle in becoming a Christian was me.   Making the decision that my life would go better for me if I realized the fact that God is right about knowing what is best for me.  The penalties I have paid in my life did not result in my thinking about what God would want me to do at the time I chose to act on my own decisions. 

I have learned that regardless of any other belief I have, when I focus on God’s will for me instead of what I want, I am much happier person.

My friends question was more of a plea to me than an actual question.  Mike, like many other people who have either made or not made the commitment to accepting God’s will for their lives, rather than their own, still have to live in a world that his heavily influenced by Satan’s opposition to God’s will for us all.

I believe that most people attend church because they find hope in hearing God’s words spoken and being around other people who are like minded.  Although some people make it harder on themselves on others, God’s will for us all is that we accept his will for us and realize that our own wills for ourselves, leads to more unhappiness in our lives and others, than what God’s will for us results in.

God realizes what the causes are for our getting off his path when we are not focused on either learning about and/or following his will for us. Through God’s infinite wisdom, he gave us some very powerful tools to help anyone who chooses to use them, either find and or stay on his path to both happiness and the reward of eternal life in Heaven.

What are tools?  Prayer and the Bible. Through prayer we wipe our minds clean of  the things that cloud our mind, in focusing our attention to speak to God.  When reading the bible, our minds again become unclouded, so that we can understand God’s messages to us. God adds further assists us through his army of angels armed with his power, to lead us to both finding and understanding God’s unique messages to anyone of us.

Although both prayer and the bible are very powerful tools, they are often not enough for many people to stay on God’s path.  Making time to attend a  good church and finding ways to spend more time congregating with other Christians, can often be difficult.

In ministering to others and through my own experiences, I have learned that many of the obstacles that limit our time in congregating with other Christians and attending church, is often a result of what we consider are the things we need and how we either pay for them or go about making the time to do the things we enjoy.

My advice to my friend and to everyone who is committed to following God’s path.  It is obvious that Satan has a very short time left and his path leads to misery and eternal damnation.  To avoid being knocked off God’s path to salvation and eternal life, daily evaluation of your own commitment to allowing God to lead you down the right path, is well advised.