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Pastor William Lucas, understanding that millions of people do not attend church and following the example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Pastor Lucas helped found Jesus Survives Ministries in May of 2012.  “Jesus knew that to reach those who were in the most need to hear the good news about God’s kingdom, he needed to leave the synagogues to deliver his fathers word to people everywhere.”  Using the immense power of the internet, Jesus Survives Ministries reaches thousands of people daily with spiritual guidance and encouragement.  Pastor Lucas believes that, “no matter what sins you may have committed in the past, God is ready to forgive you.  Join us today to start or continue your walk with God for salvation.  May God Bless you.”   Pastor William Lucas provides information technology, officiating wedding and funeral services and authoring spiritual messages to the public.  Pastor Lucas can be contacted by writing to Jesus Survives Ministries.


Pastor Deborah Jean Lucas of Jesus Survives Ministries

associate pastor Deborah jean Lucas

Associate Pastor Deborah Lucas, who truly aspires to help people find abundant joy in their lives, cofounded Jesus Survives Ministries with Pastor William Lucas, in May of 2012.  Associate Pastor Deborah Lucas, believes that with God’s guidance, we all can make a difference in this world today and in the future of our children. “One of my most fondest memories was recently spending time speaking to Senator Ted Cruz, while attending a congressional inauguration in Austin Texas.”   Associate Pastor Deborah Lucas provides wedding planning services, wedding photography and assists in authoring spiritual messages to the public.  Associate Pastor Lucas can be contacted by writing to Island Pastor.



Brian Corpian joined Jesus Survives Ministries in March of 2014.  Brian has found through his constant fight to overcome the devastating and life threatening physical impairments of Crohns disease, that no matter how ill a person may become, we can all find comfort through prayer to our Heavenly Father.  “When I was 16 years old, my doctor told me that I would most likely die before I reached my 30th birthday.  Four surgeries, numerous stays in hospitals enduring extreme daily pain, twenty-six years later, through the grace of God, I am still alive.”     Brian provides office management and financial services to the ministry.  Brian Corpian can be contacted by writing to Jesus Survives Ministries, Inc. or by telephone at (832)600-1827. 


Maria Gonzales of Jesus Survives Ministries


Maria Gonzales joined Jesus Survives Ministries in June of 2020.  Living in Mexico, Maria is no  stranger to the pain and suffering that is deeply embedded in the lives of most of her community and those who come to America.  “I have found that many Mexican Americans turn to their faith in God to deal with the pain and suffering that arise in their lives.    Maria has found that by working at Jesus Survives Ministry, she is now part of a ministry that helps thousands of people from all walks of life, find joy, happiness and prosperity in serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  “It is incredible how many people the ministry reaches.  Everyday, I read emails from people from all over the world who have experienced positive changes in their lives through prayer and faith in God.   Maria provides accounting and tax reporting services to the ministry.  Maria can be contacted by writing to Jesus Survives Ministries.

When Jesus prayed to his Father in the garden before he was taken to the cross, “all things are possible for you,” he concluded by saying, “Yet not what I will, but what you will.” The reality of the Father’s absolute power compelled Jesus to submit to the Father’s will, understanding that God’s will will always prevail.

Remembering that god has a plan for each and everyone of us, if we strive to pray for god’s will to lead our lives, happiness and prosperity will flow in to our lives in abundance.  God loves his children!