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Trump Says Sanders Sold His Soul To Hephzibah Clinton

Trump Says Sanders Sold His Soul To Hephzibah Clinton

Sanders Sells His Soul to the Great Whore of Babylon Hephzibah Hillary Clinton During a Trump Rally today in Denver Colorado, Donald Trump claimed that Bernie Sanders “sold his soul to the devil.”  As a Christian, I snickered to myself realizing that despite numerous myths, Satan does not make deals for people souls. However, Sanders […]

concept of sin

The Concept of Sin is in Deep Crisis Today

THE CONCEPT of sin appears to be in deep crisis today. But why? What has changed? As a matter of fact, what is this idea of sin that people today find so objectionable? In answer to these questions, please consider the following quote from The Wall Street Journal: THE idea of Original Sin—that we are […]


Did Adam and Eve really exist?

TO MANY people, the Genesis account of Adam and Eve is merely a colorful story. “Mainstream Christians have long considered Genesis stories such as Adam and Eve to be allegories,” states a letter to the editor of Time. Many Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish scholars agree. They claim that much of Genesis simply does not agree […]

The truth about Miracles

The truth about Miracles

MIRACLES are often misunderstood and sometimes attributed to natural occurrences.   Many scientists over the past and today unsuccessfully attempt to rationalize and or otherwise explain miracles, but always end up with theories, not facts.  For example, many scientists believe that the explanation for human life is through evolution, yet the theory of evolution relies on […]

Are faith and reason incompatible?

“FAITH is a negation of reason,” writes British philosopher A. C. Grayling. His words sum up the feelings of countless writers, clergy and philosophers who over the centuries have claimed that faith and reason are incompatible. Some religious beliefs do fly in the face of all reason. But consider this: Many strongly held scientific beliefs have proved […]

How do we influence others?

THERE are many ways to influence others as we go about our daily lives.  But are we considering how the things we do and say lead others to God? How does our lives impact others? The apostle Paul wrote that: For what we preach is not ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves [merely] as your servants […]

How to study the Bible

  “I THANK God every morning for helping me to understand the Bible.” The elderly Christian sister who made that statement has read the entire Bible over 40 times, and she is not stopping. A younger sister wrote that Bible reading has helped her to see that God is real. As a result, she has […]

Always Seek God’s Guidance

“This God is our God to time indefinite, even forever. He himself will guide us until we die.”—PS. 48:14.             When we consider things that are valueless or harmful, it is easy to deceive ourselves. (Prov. 12:11) If we really want to do something that is not appropriate for a Christian, our heart will often […]

How should we pray?

During Christ’s ministry, his disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. They lived in a society where ritualistic, recited prayer was common, but it was clear to them that Jesus did not pray in this way. Rather than give them prayers to recite, He gave them a model or outline to use. Clearly, […]

Obama care – Christians under Persecution

              True Christians have always been subjugated to “soft persecution” in one form or another.  Starting this year, many Christians will experience official and legal persecution for upholding basic Christian values in the face of the intolerant governmental demands of Obamacare. It is paramount that Christians not shrink back from facing this affliction. True Disciples of […]

Joseph, more than a carpenter?

In recent years, many attempts have been made by so-called “experts” to bring doubt into key passages of Scripture, the end result of which is to cause unknowledgeable Christians to question the authenticity of Jesus and inevitably their own faith. Usually, there is a personal or political/social agenda behind it. Nevertheless, at face value many […]