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When you are not romantically interested

WHAT DO you do as a Christian when you are approached with unwanted romantic interests?  Recently I received a letter from a Christian woman asking advice on dating and marriage.  The letter included the following: This summer an attractive man at my church fell in love with me. I have never really liked him and […]

Strengthen your Marriage

“I WOULD rather spend time with my wife than with anyone else,” said a Pastor in Canada. “Any happiness in life is multiplied and any pain is halved when I share it with her.” A husband in Australia wrote:  In our 11 years together, not one day has passed when I have not spoken with my […]

Marriage and Parenting – End Times

“The time left is reduced.”—1 COR. 7:29. GOD’S Word foretold that “the time of the end” would be marked by wars, earthquakes, famines, and pestilences. (Dan. 8:17; Luke 21:10, 11) The Bible also warned that this decisive period in human history would be a period of great social changes. Marriage and parenting would be among the things “hard […]

How do we love each other with God’s Love?

After college graduation, I married my sweetheart, Sandy. We were in love. We shared our emotions with each other. Life was wonderful.  Twelve years after the wedding, life was not quite as wonderful. With four kids, the Clarke home was loud and busy — hectic, even. Our lives were a whirlwind of kids’ activities, school, […]

Galveston Texas Marriages

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