August 2012 First Sermon
Jesus Survives Ministries Founded
Join the thousands who have found God at Jesus Survives Ministries

Pastor Bill Lucas performed his first sermon in front of 143 people at the Galveston Event Center.  The sermon covered the book of Job.

June 2013 Ministry Website Goes Live
Jesus Survives Ministries Website Published
Website Goes Live

After 10 months of hard work, Jesus Survives Ministries launches its first website.

July 2013 First Wedding
First Wedding Performed
First Wedding Ceremony

Pastors Bill and Debby Lucas perform their first wedding ceremony.  Pastor Bill officiated the ceremony with photograph and coordination help from Pastor Debby. Congratulations, Wayne and Luby Matthews.

December 2014 Website Receives 3,000,000th Unique Visitor
3,000,000 Unique Visitors

On December 18, 2014, eighteen months after the ministries website was first published online, Jesus Survives Ministries received their 3,000,000th unique visitor.  God has truly blessed our work.

March 2015 Ministry Moves to Richmond Texas
Pastor's Home Converted To Church Offices and Missionary Hostel
Home Converted to Church Offices and Missionary Hostel

Ministry utilizes family home of Associate Pastor Brian Corpian as the ministries office and a free hostel for traveling missionaries. 

September 2016 Pastor Lucas Dubbed Barefoot Pastor
Beach Weddings
Pastor Bill Lucas Dubbed Barefoot Pastor Jesus Survives Ministries

Many of Galveston's residents, dubbed Pastor Bill Lucas as 'The Barefoot Pastor' after witnessing Pastor Bill officiating numerous weddings, barefoot, on the East Beach of Galveston, Texas.  

August 2017 Homeless Sheltered During Hurricane Harvey
Ministry Shelters Hurricane Harvey Victims

Responding to victims of Hurricane Harvey's pleas for shelter and financial help, our ministry opened the Richmond office doors to 6 families in need of shelter and food.  "We were all very crowded  but it gave me a great opportunity to spread the good news about Jesus Christ to people who really needed comforting."

October 2018 5,000th Visitor Saved
5,000th Visitor Accepts Jesus as His Lord and Savior

On October 14th, 2018, Javier Gonzales, made his decision to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  Richard thanked Pastor Bill for the inspiration he received on the ministries Come To Jesus webpage. 

July 2019 200th Beach Wedding Performed
Pastor Bill Officiates 200th Wedding Ceremony

Just 5 years after officiating his first wedding ceremony, Pastor Bill Lucas officiated his 200th wedding ceremony on the East Beach of Galveston, Texas.  

August 2020 Ministry Launches New Website
Malicious Hackers Destroy Ministry Website
JSM Original Website Hacked

Sadly, in August of 2020, malicious hackers destroyed the ministries original website, which included over 200 articles and numerous visitor comments. Pastor Lucas worked night and day for over a two weeks to publish a new website.  Thanks to the Wayback Machine, the original website has been preserved.

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