Trump Says Sanders Sold His Soul To Hephzibah Clinton

Trump Says Sanders Sold His Soul To Hephzibah Clinton

Sanders Sells His Soul to the Great Whore of Babylon Hephzibah Hillary Clinton During a Trump Rally today in Denver Colorado, Donald Trump claimed that Bernie Sanders “sold his soul to the devil.”  As a Christian, I snickered to myself realizing that despite numerous myths, Satan does not make deals for people souls. However, Sanders […]

We Must Forgive The Clinton's

We Must Forgive The Clinton’s

Mrs. Hillary Clinton is as much a child of God as we all are.  We must forgive the Clinton’s if God will deliver us a savior in Trump.  God has sent us a deliverer, the right person equipped to heal our nation, Mr. Donald John Trump.  However, how can we expect our Lord and Savior Jesus […]

impact others for jesus

Christian Faith

FOR MANY the Christian faith is a mysterious thing, but it need not be. In fact, it is simple enough that a child can understand it. To “be a Christian” is to have a relationship with God through God’s unique Son, Jesus Christ.           This relationship is not earned by our merits, good deeds, worship, proper […]


An Abundance of Opportunities

AS CHRISTIANS, we  have an abundance of opportunities; but instead of pursuing our own rights, prosperity, and happiness, we have a higher calling. It’s summarized best in Luke 10:27: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; […]

concept of sin

The Concept of Sin is in Deep Crisis Today

THE CONCEPT of sin appears to be in deep crisis today. But why? What has changed? As a matter of fact, what is this idea of sin that people today find so objectionable? In answer to these questions, please consider the following quote from The Wall Street Journal: THE idea of Original Sin—that we are […]

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Parenting: A time for change and understanding

IF YOU are the parent of a grown child, during the early years, you most likely changed a lot of dirty diapers, picked up a lot of messes and sacrificially stomached mashed peas in an attempt to set a good example. Seemingly overnight, job duties evolved from potty training and bandaging boo-boo’s, to helping with […]

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Does God Really Exist?

ONE way to determine whether if God really exists is to apply this well-established principle: What is made requires a maker. The more complicated the thing made, the more capable the maker must be.              For example, look around your home. Tables, chairs, desks, beds, pots, pans, plates, and other eating utensils all require a […]


Let go of your problems and worries

YOU CAN LET GO. Regardless of the worries that keep you awake at night, the emotions that tie you up in knots, or the problems that seem completely insurmountable and unbearable, you can release them all to the Father—and you must. This may seem impossible for you, “but with God all things are possible” (Matt. […]

The truth about God

How to Identify the real truth about God

MOST religions claim that what they say comes from God. Therefore, we do well to heed the words of Jesus’ apostle John, who wrote: Dear friends, don’t believe every spirit. Test the spirits to see if they are from God because many false prophets have gone into the world. (1 John 4:1) How can we […]


Did Adam and Eve really exist?

TO MANY people, the Genesis account of Adam and Eve is merely a colorful story. “Mainstream Christians have long considered Genesis stories such as Adam and Eve to be allegories,” states a letter to the editor of Time. Many Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish scholars agree. They claim that much of Genesis simply does not agree […]

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A Meaningful Life

DID Jesus really have a meaningful life? He evidently was brought up in humble surroundings, and throughout his life he had few of this world’s goods. He actually had “nowhere to lay down his head.” (Luke 9:57, 58) In addition, he was hated, slandered, and finally put to death by his enemies.               You […]

The truth about Miracles

The truth about Miracles

MIRACLES are often misunderstood and sometimes attributed to natural occurrences.   Many scientists over the past and today unsuccessfully attempt to rationalize and or otherwise explain miracles, but always end up with theories, not facts.  For example, many scientists believe that the explanation for human life is through evolution, yet the theory of evolution relies on […]